Mother Drum Radio Line Ups.

Monday: Cruzing Wit Don-Tee
Time: 6pm EST, 11pm Nigeria time

Tuesday: Street Jamz with D Mother Drum.
12noon EST, 5pm Nigeria time.

Wednesday: Strictly Afrika with Ayanbinrin.
Time:10am EST, 3pm Naija time.

Thursday:Back 2 D Root
Time: 5pm EST, 10pm Nigeria time.

Friday: Tanmo with Ayanbinrin the Mother Drum of Africa.
Time: 2pm EST, 7pm Nigeria time.

Friday: Jumat half hour
1pm-1:30pm EST, 6pm Nigeria time.

Friday: Nite Fever with your radio boi frend.
Time:5pm EST, 10pm Nigeria time

Saturday: Oju Oja
Time: 9am EST, 2pm Naija time

Sunday: Agidigba with Aladunni & Abefe.
Time:7am EST, 12noon Nigeria time.





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